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ZettaBOSS LINUX is a robust enterprise-class operating system based on industry leading Enterprise Linux with cutting edge features not found in other Linux distribution.

ZFS - the last word in filesystems
ZFS is a new kind of filesystem that provides simple administration, transactional semantics, end-to-end data integrity, and immense scalability.
ZettaBOSS Linux provides indigenous port of OpenZFS project on prominent Enterprise Linux 7 with:
  • Advanced memory optimization by sharing of ARC memory with Linux native page cache, thereby mmap applications will not double-commit memory. This unique feature is available only on ZettaBOSS Linux.
  • Integrated snaphot access in kernel from hidden .snap control directoy, even over NFS, without any helper programs to automount.
  • Simple package distribution with one kernel module zfs.ko and static CLI tools just the way it was in OpenSolaris. No messing with libtool or shared libraries.
  • High performance ZVOL block layer.

MAYASTOR - an enterprise class SCSI target system over Fibre-Channel and IP based (iSCSI) networks.
  • Seamlessly works with any block device supported under Linux, with very low memory foot-print, providing raw IO throughput without any caching of disk IO.
  • iSCSI server support with highest level of error recovery 2 (ERL2)
  • Also supports file backed store by using aio and DIRECT IO from user-mode program maya.vdisk with unique zero-copy architecture interfacing with kernel drivers for high-performance.

Virtual Tape Libray
Mayastor Virtual Tape Library software for ZettaBOSS provides powerful enhanced backup solution that uses disks from open storage systems to emulate any industry leading tape library, with user configurable number of tape drives and capacity.