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ZettaBOSS iSCSI Storage Server software

ZettaBOSS iSCSI Storage Server software for Linux provides powerful iSCSI target services to heterogenous IP SAN clients. The software connects with your existing open storage systems that can have parallel SCSI, SATA, IDE, and FC technology thereby protecting your current investment.

ZettaBOSS iSCSI delivers the promise of IP SAN using well understood Ethernet technology that are simple to manage and less strain on the IT budget. It provides a multitude of disk services; capacity planning, data availability and recovery at your fingertips to build a new robust IP SAN or to enhance your existing storage infrastructure.

Main Benefits

  • Centralized management
    By keeping the storage systems under one central server it eliminates the need to manage multiple-device-interfaces, administrative commands and service-level requirements from multiple operating systems.
  • Uses open heterogenous storage systems
    ZettaBOSS supports aggregation of storage systems from different vendors with parallel SCSI, SATA, IDE and FC technology. It also works with synthetic block devices such as Linux raid devices MD, LVM and many others. This means it is possible to provide sophisticated RAID level such as RAID-6 even with ordinary JBOD disks and yet a powerful host-offloaded RAID protection for your application server.
  • Highly available & reliable storage
    Storage virtualization by utilizing RAID technology, data replication, and storage clustering provides robust highly available & reliable services to the entire storage network infrastructure and not just to individual server with direct attached storage.
  • Dynamic resource allocation
    Virtualization provides dynamic storage allocation and expansion through simple administrative tasks. Your expensive direct attached storage is no longer wasted behind individual server.

Derived Benefits

  • Simplifies storage administration.
    Since multiple devices are consolidated into a single device, management can be simplified and reduces the burden on the storage administrator.
  • Maximized storage utilization.
    Consolidation of all storage resources into a virtual storage pool means unused capacity is readily available for allocation when it is needed. Any over allocated storage can be dynamically reduced. Furthermore, new disks can be added to the pool for new applications or increased demand are anticipated.
  • Better business responsiveness.
    With dynamic resource allocation new applications or increased demand can be readily satisfied from the storage pool with little or no network downtime. Reduced downtime means increased business productivity.

Technical Features

  • iSCSI draft-20 compliant
  • SPC-3 compliant disk
  • Full-Feature phase implemented as kernel mode driver
  • Zero copy socket IO
  • Read-ahead caching
  • Automatic operation negotiation
  • Multi-path IO support
  • Flexible LUN configurations with multiple target support.
  • Multiple connections within a session
  • Jumbo frames as supported by the NIC

Advanced Features

  • Supports highest Error Recovery Level 2
  • Header and Data digest support
  • iSNS client support
  • CHAP authentication

Optional Features

  • Synchronous Mirroring
  • Snapshot Volumes
  • Remote volume mirroring
  • Volume Copy