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ZettaBOSS Virtual Tape Library for Linux

ZettaBOSS Virtual Tape Library software for Linux provides powerful enhanced backup solution that uses disks from open storage systems to emulate any industry leading tape library, with user configurable number of tape drives and capacity. By emulating a standard tape library it seamlessly works with existing backup applications and drivers without any additional learning curve.

Main Benefits

  • Highly reliable backup system
    By utilizing high availability features of disk such as RAID-5 and redundant hotswap components the backup system is highly reliable and available.
  • Reduced backup windows
    Higher backup throughput means reduced backup window. ZettaBOSS VTL achieves greater throughput by using write buffering and optimizing the data layout as sequential I/O blocks. Since there is no physical movement of tape the backup application sees faster tape loads/unloads.
  • Easy to manage
    Since it appears as standard SCSI SMC-2 compliant medium changer device it integrates easily with existing solutions and is easy to manage and deploy. Administrators continue to use their existing backup software.
  • Dynamic tape volume configuration
    By using additional storage virtualization techniques the software easily tackles any data growth challenges your organization may have. This means tape volumes can be expanded without loss of data.
  • Fibre Channel and IP SAN support
    ZettaBOSS VTL supports both Fibre Channel SAN and iSCSI based IP SAN and makes a great addition to your unified storage infrastructure.

Technical Features

  • SSC-2 compliant tape
  • SCSI Media Changer commands compliant
  • Write Buffering
  • VTL partitions
  • Dynamic LUN configurations
  • Works over FC and IP-SAN (iSCSI)

Supported backup applications

  • EMC Legato Networker
  • CA BrightStor
  • Netvault BakBone
  • Veritas Backup-Exec
  • Veritas Netbackup
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