MayaNAS provides enterprise-class unified storage solution with high-performance and high-availability for

Block storageFibre-Channel, iSCSI, NVMe target
File StorageNFS protocol 3 and 4.  Additionally SMB, AFP protocols for file service
Cloud StorageAzure Blob, Google Object Storage, Amazon or other S3 compatible
Data Protection

Adaptive RAIDZ that ZFS provides with advanced checksumming and self-healing.

Unlimited Snapshots with rollback and fast cloning.

Periodic Snapshot based delta mirroing

Asynchronous block device mirroring using DRBD.

For administration the server comes with light-weight web based GUI using only javascript and HTML standards, and cross-platform scriptable CLI that works remotely too.  MayaNAS is easy to use  feature rich storage server for various workloads from bandwidth demanding video streaming to latency sensitive database workloads. Common  deployment with MayaNAS  is outlined below.


Dual controller High-Availability

Avoid complicated Scale-Out deployment when our Active-Active solution can surpass the performance and capacity requirement.

Shared Storage


NvmeoF for internal attached storage.

EBS storage on cloud.

S3 Object storage


10G or better for iSCSI

Any RDMA capable interface for NVMeoF

Standard TCP on cloud. No SRIOV or special network adapter required.

NVMe SSD Write CachingUses bcache module for write-cache in write-thru or write-back over slow devices.
Read Cache and Write Log Support

No log device required when using all SSD for storage. On cloud when pd-ssd is used.

L2ARC setup over Ephemeral NVMe devices

Mirror Log over Ephemeral NVMe


Highly scalable efficient snapshots with ZFS or with thinpool LVM

Policy driven Snapshot Scheduling


Snapshot based mirroring with RPO of 1 min

Synchronous mirroring

Asynchronous Replication

Object TieringConnect to cloud object storage as local block devices. Support for Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob , Amazon or other S3 compatible providers.
Lift and ShiftPair with deduplication and compression for getting data in and out of cloud.


The software is available as bootable ISO image suitable for baremetal installation or in any VM infrastructure. On cloud self extracting installer bundle is provided to convert Centos 7.4 compute instance to ZettaLane MayaNAS image.

Cloud Support

MayaNAS architected solution fully exploits the network and storage resources available for the following cloud platforms and provides highly-available and scalable

Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure

Amazon AWS