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Storage pool is aggregation of storage devices for easy disk management and provides various data services: data protection RAID, compression, deduplication etc.

Volume Group (VG)

The basic storage pool is the LVM2 volume group, which provides

  • Volume Striping (useful only on top of RAID)
  • Thin provisioning
  • Dynamic volume resizing
  • Raid Protection (raid1, raid6) when combined with Raid Group
  • Deduplication when combined with KVDO module
  • Recommended snapshot only when used with thinpool  volume group

Use the Create Volume Group Wizard for creating new volume group

Click Manage Volumes & PoolsVolume Groups tab for managing existing volume group.

ZFS Storage Pool (ZPOOL)

Advanced storage pool that is transaction oriented for providing always consistent on-disk sate. Data is managed using copy on write semantics (COW)  i.e data is never overwritten.  This combination means that file system can never be corrupted through accidental loss of power or a system crash.

Checksums and Self-Healing Data

Unparalleled scalability with 128-bit file system, allowing for 256 quadrillion zettabytes of storage.

Unlimited snapshots that can be created quickly and easily without any significant performance impact.

Built for simplified administration

Use the Create ZFS Storage Pool for creating new ZFS pool

Click Manage Volumes & Pools → Zpools tab for managing existing ZFS pools.