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create volume    [label=]<volname> disk=<device> [size=<size>[kKmMgGtT]]
create volume    [label=]<volname> vg=<vg-name>|snapshotof=<volname> 
        disk=<device>size=<size>[kKmMgGtT] [options=<lvopts>]
create volume    [label=]<thinpoolname> thinpool=1 vg=<vg-name> size=<size>[kKmMgGtT]create volume    [label=]<volname> thinpool=<thinpoolname> size=<size>[kKmMgGtT]create volume    [label=]<volname> filesys=xfs|ext4|zfs pathname=<fs-path> [disk=<disk-name>] [zp=<pool-name>]
delete volume    [label=]<volname>
set volume    <volname> [size|capacity=<size>[kKmMgGtT]]
        [readAheadEnabled=boolean] [readAheadMulti=integer-val]
        [readCacheEnabled=boolean] [writeCacheEnabled=boolean]
        [cacheFlushDelay=integer] [varyioEnabled=boolean]
show volume    [[label=][user-label]]


    mayacli create volume testvol disk=/dev/sda
    mayacli create volume testvol vg=vgtest size=200G
    mayacli create volume snap_test snapshotof=testvol size=20G
    mayacli create volume vmpool_thin thinpool=1 vg=vgtest size=200G
    mayacli create volume vmdisk_thin thinpool=vmpool size=1T
    mayacli create volume export1 filesys=xfs pathname=/vault/projects  options='"*(rw,sync)""


mayacli show vol
Configured Volumes:
Type: id = Individual Disk, bd = Block Device, flex = Flexible Volume,
      snap = Snapshot Volume, rg = Raid Group, vg = Volume Group,
      tape = Virtual Tape Volume, vtape = Virtual Tape Drive,
      vtl = Virtual Tape Library, crypt = Block level encrypted volume

Volume                           Type   Size      Device                      
-------------------------------- ------ --------- ----------------------------
rhel                             vg        9.00G /dev/rhel                   
testvg1                          vg      223.57G /dev/testvg1                
test_thinpool                    thinp   100.00G /dev/testvg1/test_thinpool  
thinvol1                         flex     15.00G /dev/testvg1/thinvol1       
thinvol2                         flex     20.00G /dev/testvg1/thinvol2       
thickvol1                        flex     50.00G /dev/testvg1/thickvol1      
thinvol3                         flex     20.00G /dev/testvg1/thinvol3       
testzpool1                       zpool   222.00G /dev/testzpool1             
zvol1                            flex     10.00G /dev/testzpool1/zvol1       
zvol2                            flex    100.00G /dev/testzpool1/zvol2       
nvmevol1                         block   953.87G /dev/nvme0n1   

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