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Reduce Costs

Innovative shared storage solution using bottomless cloud storage for robust block and file storage.

  • By separating your compute and storage, provision storage of any kind as needed by application at that time.
  • No more wasted islands of storage as in Direct Attached storage.
  • Deploy smarter storage with Thin-provisioning, Compression, Dedup services
  • Reduce data center footprint. Connect data to cloud seamlessly

Smart Provisioning

Respond quickly to changing workloads with multitude of features available at your finger tips.

  • With unified storage protocol and technology support, provision storage with confidence.
  • Flexible LUN provisioning even with raw files, VM images. No more hard requirements to use block devices only.
  • Avoid unnecessary data migration.
  • Scale Any legacy storage LUNs by adding NVMe cache tiering.

Easy to use

Deploy with confidence as it fits easily into your data center.

  • No changes required to application stack. Native file systems NTFS or ReFS for Windows workloads with Cloud File Gateway
  • Network agnostic and storage vendor agnostic. Works with infrastructure of your choice.
  • Connect to heterogenous cloud from single profile.
  • Advance checksumming for bit-rot protection and Self healing
  • Data security with encryption at rest and in flight.

Software Defined Storage Solutions


Build highly available, and scaleable NVMe over Fabrics solution using MayaScale. Our software defined block storage solution provides real NVMe device to clients from centralized pool of NVMe devices.

MayaScale is industry's first to provide NVMeoF on Cloud using standard TCP


High performance, High available NFS server on-premises or in the cloud. Cloud native NAS file storage solution to provide compression and deduplication with EBS or Object storage.

With advanced snapshot and replication setup Hybrid Cloud NAS.

Cloud Storage Gateway

Comprehensive software defined data platform with support for block storage (iSCSI, NVMe, FC), file storage (NFS, SMB), tape storage (VTL) and multi-cloud object storage.

Excellent choice for getting data in and out of cloud.

Fully Software Defined

Agility to build composable storage infrastructure for your demanding workloads:

  • Build NVME fabric even with standard TCP v4
  • Add compression and Dedup as needed
  • Connect to NVME or FC or iSCSI
  • Cloud Native File storage solution
  • Supports Scale-up, Scale-out and Scale-Any
  • Connect to data to multi Cloud easily and efficiently

Easy to use with CLI and Web based management.

Build, innovate, and scale with ZettaLane Data Platform

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Solutions For

Google Cloud Platform
Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure