ZettaLane Frequently Asked Questions

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ZettaLane provides software only solution that are simple to use and yet powerful for many storage virtualization needs on premises and/or on mulit-cloud environment. It is time to move away from purpose built appliances and rely on software solutions to achieve the same with 'time to value' for IT.
Our software is available as:
  • 1-click deploy from Marketplace AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Fully bootable and installable ISO image for bare metal servers
  • Installer image bundle to convert Centos/RedHat Linux to ZettaLane Linux
  • Cloud VM images as raw file
The ZettaLane server system requirements are:
  • Intel/AMD based x86_64 server
  • 1GB of main memory (4GB recommended for ZFS)
  • Qlogic 4Gbps/8Gbps2 SAN blade series adapters for FC SAN.
  • Any Gigabit Ethernet as supported by Linux for IP SAN.
  • Any RDMA capable NIC for NVMeoF or standard TCP
  • SSD/NVMe devices for caching/log devices
The core block virtualization engine does not use memory for read/write caching of its own. This reduces memory footprint and overhead on the server platform, also in high-availability environment it guarantees maximum data integrity in the event of node failure.
For high performance file service we recommend using some SSD for log devices.
The software has easy to use CLI that can be scripted easily. It can also be managed wth the GUI from standard web browser, requiring basic HTML and javascript support only.