Cloud native with Deduplicaton & Compression

Build powerful enterprise-class, highly-available file storage services on-premises or on cloud with MayaNAS. Easy to use software supports two types of NAS solutions depending on the storage pool configuration:

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  Capacity Optimized LVM Pool

Configure and deploy a capacity optmized NFS server on shared storage using deduplication and compression.

ZFS Pool

  Advanced ZFS Pool

A robust enterprise-class operating system based on industry leading Enterprise Linux with cutting edge features not found in other Linux distribution.


  • Deduplication with sparse index for reduced memory requirements
  • Thin provisioning to deploy those demanding applications
  • Snapshots and Rollback
  • Replication choices: Synchronous, Async-safe, and snapshot mirroring
  • Cloud bursting with cache tier.
  • Cloud tiering to multi-cloud object storage


  • Advanced memory optimization by sharing of ARC memory with Linux native page cache, thereby mmap applications will not double-commit memory. This unique feature is available only on ZettaLane ZFS
  • Integrated snaphot access in kernel from hidden .snap control directoy, even over NFS, without any helper programs to automount.
  • High performance ZVOL block layer
  • Snapshots and Rollback
  • Snapshot based mirroring using zfs send/receive to cloud
  • Replication choices: Synchronous, Async-safe, and snapshot mirroring