Cloud File Gateway on Windows

SMB 3.0 Encrypted Global File sharing

Cloud File Gateway

ZettaLane Cloud File Gateway software runs on standard Windows and allows file-based applications to make use of scalable cloud object storage without modification. The software runs independently on any commodity hardware on-premise and a SaaS platform on public cloud.

Cloud File Gateway software on Windows

Uses Native Windows File systems

The ZettaLane objbaker presents object storage from multi-cloud as dynamic VHDX virtual disk so that the OS native NTFS and ReFS file systems can be used. This provides the best performance and interoperability for the applications needing file-based access on object disk. With this seamleass ingtegration you can exploit other powerful Windows storage features; SMB sharing, Storage Spaces, Storage Spaces Direct.

Data Caching and Tiering

ZettaLane software embraces the software defined storage features that is already available from Windows as Storage Spaces. By using Storage Spaces it is possible to use local disk for caching and tiering.

File Sharing and Security

By cleverly offloading this responsibility to the Windows file systems itself, be rest assured that you are getting the first-class file sharing service with security.

Self healing and No silent data corruption

ZettaLane software supports ReFS thereby providing advanced features to detect corruptions and also fix those corruptions while remaining online. ReFS uses checksums for metadata and optionally for file data, giving ReFS the ability to reliably detect corruptions.

Multi-Cloud Support

ZettaLane objbaker layer securely connects to these popular object storage on cloud by using REST API over HTTPS.
  • Azure Blobs
  • Amazon S3
    • AWS2 Authentication
    • AWS4 Authentication
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Wasabi Technologies

Easy to use and manage

No separate Administration of ZettaLane Cloud File Gateway is needed as the software fits into the standard storage driver model under the hood. You would manage ZettaLane software as part of standard server management.
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