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Objbaker service startup fails to mount the configured cloud object storage due to unclean shutdown


  1. If needed start the Crossmeta drivers and make sure it is available in read-write mode. If not root file system check is required which can be performed as follows from Administrator Command Prompt

    c:\program files\crossmeta\service_crossmeta start
    c:\program files\crossmeta\service_crossmeta check

  2. Check syslog messages files in v:\var\log\syslog to identify potential problems.  If the objbaker is reporting  that the object storage appears to be mounted because a clean shutdown was not possible earlier, then it is required to reset-mounted-flag manually only if its  not really mounted on a different computer.

  3. Launch vfsadm Administration console and navigate to

    Cloud disks → services and select the service name and right-click to perform Reset-Mounted option

  4. Try to Start service after Reset-mounted completed successfully.