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Cloud Native File Storage on Google Cloud

ZettaLane architected high-performance, high-available NAS server on Google cloud, utilzing resources provided by Google.

  • High-Performance ZFS based Google cloud native File storage
  • Innovative Active-Active High-Availability solution
  • Log device using NVMe or pd-ssd disks
  • Unlimited Snapshots and Instant snapshot access by browsing the control directory /.zfs/snapshot
  • Replication by Snapshot delta mirroring or asynchronous volume miroring
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Build NVME Over Fabrics using TCP on cloud

Currently high performance NVMe resources are available on cloud but they can be used only for temporary purposes. Also any compute instance using NVMe cannot be stopped, otherwise it has to be removed and recreated. With MayaScale these NVMe resources can be separated away from compute instances and still access them over standard TCP/IP

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Veeam Backups to Cloud using VTL gateway

Zettalane Cloud Storage Gateway provides VTL frontend for backups to multi-cloud object storage as a scalable and cost-effective tape alternative. This works with Beeam Back&Replication, with zero changes needed to existing backup procedure.

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Time Machine for every Unix out there

Setup a secure ZFS platform using cloud object storage, and provide SSH file system for tools: rsync, sftp, scp, duplicity, rdiff-backup, and unison.

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